The dating game has grown with the times. Picture: Pexels

Dating used to be a simple affair; a cat and mouse game of catch and fetch. These days it’s much more complicated, and if you’re single, being ghosted or breadcrumbed should be the least of your worries.

No, darling, 2019 is all about dating behaviour that is a reflection of our times, and it’s got nothing to do with romance and chivalry. So if you happen to find yourself alone and trolling Tinder this Valentine’s Day, Yahoo and dating app Plenty of Fish have predicted the dating trends you should be aware of.


Never before has pop culture had such an influence on our personal lives, and for this we can thank none other than US singing sensation Ariana Grande. Shortly after her very public break up with comedian Pete Davidson, she poured her sorrows into the smash hit Thank you. Next.

In a nutshell Grande-ing is celebrating the demise of your relationship with a huge show on social media. Just don’t forget to mention your heartfelt appreciation for your former flame. Thank you. Next!


If you’re already in a relationship but you find that your partner hasn’t introduced you to their friends or you’ve never been seen out in public together, you need to take a closer look at their real intentions.

“If you aren’t being introduced to his or her friends and family within months of spending time together, then it might be time to open your eyes because you have been pocketed,” Eugénie Legendre from dating app Happn told Yahoo Style.

Grande-ing is celebrating the demise of your relationship with a huge show on social media. Picture: @arianagrande, Instagram


This might appeal to the narcissistic types, and many of us are guilty of it but won’t readily admit to the practice of dating someone just to boost your personal profile. In other words, the perfect Instagram couple to increase your “influencer” status.

Cookie jarring

Similar to cushioning, cookie jarring refers to leaving someone on the back burner while dating someone else, kind of like keeping your options open. If you manage to pull it off without letting your reserve know, kudos to you.

But there is a danger to this dating trend. You never really know if you’re into them if you don’t give them half the chance. How will you ever know that you like them or not?


About 16 percent of those surveyed in the Plenty of Fish questionnaire admitted to “swooping in” after sensing their love interest’s own relationship might come to a crashing end.

Basically, vulturing is taking advantage of the demise of your crush’s relationship, and dashing in to be the knight or princess in shining armour.


Used as clickbait of the modern dating world, kittenfishing is a less extreme version of catfishing, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging.

Cookie jarring is keeping your options open by keeping someone in reserve. Picture: Pexels

Deliberately using images of your much younger self, lying about your age, weight and even your job on dating apps or social media profiles is not okay. “The lying about age varies from a couple of years to 10 years with many singles coming clean on the date where it is often too late as their date feels lied to,” dating expert Debbie Rivers told Daily Mail Australia.

Big D**k Energy (BDE)

Don’t think this applies to guys only; far from it. Described as confidence without appearing smug, BDE is all about the energy one gives off.

“I would say when it comes to dating, women are a sucker for the guy with BDE,” said Rivers.

“It’s like dating the bad boy but better. He is confidence and assurance and knows it. If a guy is direct and confident, he is a clear winner."