According to an analysis of eHarmony's Compatibility Matching System, similarity is actually the key to a long-lasting relationships. But in the movie Knocked Up, opposites do attract.

London - Some say that in relationships, opposites attract, but new research has found that that might not be the case.

According to an analysis of dating website eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System, similarity is actually the key to a long-lasting relationship, even though people with opposite personalities may find themselves attracted to each other at first.

The study of couples looked at patterns that made their relationships successful and found that while opposites attract initially, ultimately they “attack” each other.

According to the study, opposites “only attract for a short time”, drawn at first to each other’s intriguing an exciting differences.

But ultimately, those differences come between them, leading to frustration and animosity.

A submissive person might be attracted to someone who is dominant, for instance, but “it could be better for two highly dominant people to be together,” says the study.

“While they may occasionally clash, they’ll do so as equals and ultimately the relationship will be healthier.”

Similarly, an introverted person may be drawn to an extrovert, because the extrovert’s confidence makes the beginning stages of a relationship less stressful for an introvert.

Nevertheless, the couple’s differing social patterns – like the fact the extroverts thrive in big groups, whereas introverts are content with smaller groups – are likely to eventually cause tension in the relationship.

Rather than pair up with someone with an opposite personality, singletons should seek out compatibility if they really want the relationship to endure. – Daily Mail