File photo: Minogue, who fled to Thailand after the split to "heal", said she had to "rebuild herself" – and has had enough of life’s "drama". Picture: AFP

London - She admitted to having a nervous breakdown after splitting from her fiance last year.

But rather than hope that her future might bring another engagement, Kylie Minogue has revealed that marriage simply "isn’t for her".

The star, who turns 50 next month, has enjoyed a series of long-term relationships with dashing – and often much younger – men.

But despite admitting she has toyed with idea of marriage in the past, Miss Minogue says she has decided the time has passed.

"I never thought I would get married," she told Red magazine.

"Just going through 'being engaged' seems like an experiment, because I’d never as a girl or in all my life had a vision of getting married.

"It’s not something I needed or wanted. My parents never brought me up with the idea of 'the big marriage'.

"I never had it as a goal. I thought, 'Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and I should go for it. Maybe I should do what most of the world do. It works for them.'

"Now I’m going to stick to my previous view. I don’t think marriage is for me."

The 49-year-old’s engagement to British actor Joshua Sasse – who is 19 years her junior – ended in heartbreak when the couple split last year. They had been dating since 2014.

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Minogue, who fled to Thailand after the split to "heal", said she had to "rebuild herself" – and has had enough of life’s "drama". 

"I know I turned a corner and learnt a lot about myself. Sometimes it takes something like stepping out of your comfort zone, some drama like that, to shake things up.

"Now being on my own again and reclaiming myself and just asking myself harder questions like, 'What do you really want, how did you get here, how do you feel, how are you going to move on?'. Now I have enough drama in my life."

Before Sasse, the Australian singer had a five-year relationship with model Andrés Velencoso, 40, but the pair split because of their conflicting work schedules.

She also dated French actor Olivier Martinez, 52, with whom she is rumoured to have spent time since her break-up with Sasse.

The pair were in a relationship for five years before splitting in 2007.

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