Do your research if you're looking to impress a material girl this Valentines.
Chocolates don't last forever.
Sadly, in 2019, as lab-made diamonds come to the fore, the same can't be said for the stone either.I'm not saying don't buy chocolates and flowers... or diamonds for that matter, but I am suggesting you up your game with on-trend bling if you're looking to woe a material girl.
When gifting the material girl in your life be sure to purchase a gift that has longevity and class. Look to brands that seduce with their name alone and then some.
Also be sure to snoop through her things to ensure you get the correct sizes. Items such as underwear and earrings, often, can not be exchanged. Buy what you know she will love or take her shopping to get it.
Here are a few items for inspiration:

Protea pearl drop earrings, from the Browns Shikito Pearl Collection, R8 995.

Dolce & Gabbana embellished box-clutch, R65 800.

Victoria Secret Heart Merry Widow sheer corset with fluttering hearts and attached garters, R1 216.