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Women who have faced over-amorous work colleagues over the Christmas party season will not be surprised.

And now a scientific study has confirmed what many ladies already know – it takes just three drinks for men to stop meeting their eyes and start talking to their chests.

Eye-tracking technology used by US researchers on 49 men who had consumed three drinks found that they spent more time looking at women’s chests and waists than sober men did.

Because alcohol removes inhibitions, the urge not to embarrass themselves is overridden by the impulse to admire a woman they find attractive.

Being mildly intoxicated also makes it harder to follow someone’s facial expressions and emotions, so that glancing at their chest may simply be less hard work.

The study, published in the journal Sex Roles and carried out by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, concluded that men under the influence of alcohol are more likely to see women as sexual objects.

However, they stared less often at the bodies of women rated as warm or competent, showing that exhibiting ‘human’ personality traits can help women escape being ogled.

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