With research suggesting that the average person will turn 60 to 70 times in the night, having enough space to stretch out and not be disturbed by your partners movements is the first consideration for a good nights sleep.

London - It will come as no surprise to anyone who has woken up shivering in the dead of night with toes like icicles after their partner has swiped the entire duvet.

Hogging the covers is the number one cause of arguments in Britain’s bedrooms, according to a study.

And for many couples it seems investing in an extra duvet might help calm things down after one in ten adults said they would consider leaving their partner because disturbed nights had become such an issue in their relationship.

Researchers found that snoring was the second most common cause of bedtime arguments, with one in ten couples falling out over it at least twice a week.

Half of the 2,000 adults in a relationship questioned in the survey suffered with a snoring spouse, with 20 percent claiming they lose two hours of shut-eye because of it.

More than half said their husband or boyfriend was the snoring culprit.

Bizarrely, one-fifth admitted waking up once a week because of their own heavy breathing.

Other irritating bedroom habits included allowing children to sleep in the marital bed, rolling on to the wrong side of the bed, being touched by freezing cold feet and leaving the lights on to read.

In all, these night-time niggles spark 167 rows a year for the average couple.

The survey was commissioned by hotel chain Premier Inn. Spokesman Claire Haigh said: “Our research shows that most of the arguments couples have in the bedroom are down to habits that are easy to resolve as a relationship develops.

“People suffer from snoring to varying degrees and the research shows it can impact on our day to day lives especially if one person in the relationship is missing out on much needed sleep.

“At Premier Inn we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep so we ensure we do all we can to give our guests the best possible night’s sleep.” - Daily Mail