Surprise your partner with something new. Picture: Pexels
Surprise your partner with something new. Picture: Pexels

5 naughty tips and tools to ignite your sex life

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Feb 12, 2021

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No matter how satisfying your sex life might be, it doesn’t mean that you should become complacent.

It’s so easy to fall into a sexual rut and become a lazy lover which is the quickest way to extinguish a fiery sex life.

One has to change things up a bit. Surprise your lover now and then. Try new things.

So you’ve bought the sexy lingerie. That will definitely get his pulse racing. But if you’re looking to completely blow his mind and make this Valentine’s Day romp one to remember, try adding at least one of these naughty accessories to your sexy routine.

Note that these are not for everyone and it’s perfectly fine to stick to what works for you and your partner.


Don’t know what cosplay is? Well it’s basically dressing up as your favourite movie, book or animated character. It’s a great way to step into a persona outside of your day to day self.

Ever want to get your groove on with Superman? Then get your guy to dress up as your favourite super hero.

In a bad girl kinda mood? Why not step into Harley Quinn’s crazy boots?

Cosplay. Picture: Pexels


Bring out a collection of scarves, different lengths and sizes, and get creative. A small scarf can be used as blindfold.

Taking sight away enhances your other senses and the not knowing what your partner will do next can be very exciting. Use longer scarves for tying up. For hands it’s much gentler than using handcuffs.


Sex toys come in all different shapes and sizes. Have fun exploring different ones to find what works for you and how you can even take just toy and do a whole of interesting things with it.

Sex toys. Picture: Pexels

Naughty undies

Both men and women alike love sexy lingerie. Add a few unusual items to keep things spicy.

Look out for crotchless panties or bras that leave the nipples exposed. This way you can keep on your naughty undies while getting it on.

Swap lace for leather or latex and you’ll instantly take your night in a different direction.

Naughty undies. Picture: Pexels

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