Awkward! Sometimes saying the wrong thing can be a real passion killer. Picture: PxHere

Sometimes in the throws of passion, nothing is off limits and we find ourselves saying the most wackiest things. Nine times out of 10, it can kill the passion.

So imagine some people's responses when asked on Reddit: What has a partner done during sex that totally ruined it for you?

These are some of the funniest answers we could find.

When love hurts

"Someone apparently told her guys love having their balls "smacked around a bit" and proceeded to slap with such gusto with just the tips of her fingers that I keeled over and couldn't move for a while" - foreverkasai


The unsexy playlist

"Had a playlist of sexy music that abruptly cut to the damn Andy Griffith whistling theme. What the hell?" - putHimInTheCurry


Now's not the time, hon

"We were having sex, literally in the middle of f*cking, and he whispers in my ear, We gotta wash the car.“ - Anninu


Talking about bodyshaming

"I took my pants off before my shirt and she said "Ooo Porky Piggin it?" - Hologramophone


Okay, now I'm scared

"Reached over my head to grab a box on his headboard & showed me the contents: a hypodermic needle & a tiny glass vial on a leather cord. Then he said he wanted to take my blood & wear it around his neck." - 0veranalytica1