Actress Zenande Mfenyana. Picture: Instagram
Actress Zenande Mfenyana. Picture: Instagram

Actress Zenande Mfenyana sparks heated debate with her ’sex seen as punishment’ tweet

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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Actress Zenande Mfenyana has sparked a debate on Twitter on why churches see sex as something punishable.

The actress didn’t shy away from asking controversial questions on Twitter.

Coming from a religious background, one would assume she witnessed or is very knowledgeable about the topic she raised.

In some churches, it is common practise where a woman who serves in the church, particularly the worship team or in a public service, will be asked to step down if she falls pregnant but is not married.

“One day we must discuss the Biblical concept of being asked to step down from the worship team because you have fallen pregnant,” said Mfenyana.

Mfenyana’s interest was whether this was in the scriptures or is it done to humiliate the expectant mom?

Tweeps shared their thoughts, experiences when they or someone they knew fall pregnant outside marriage.

One user said, “The worst part of this practice is that the woman bares the brunt of the punishment.

“A punishment that can go as far as excommunication/ ostracism from the church.

“While a lot of the time the father of that unborn child goes scot free”.

Another one said, “If you have committed a sin in the church you should sit down and be asking God for mercy.

“Remember God hates sin but he loves sinners.

“The pastor or reverend that has been put in place in the church has every right to tell you to sit down.”

“My friend stopped going to church when she fell pregnant because she was expected to stand in front of the congregation and apologise for having a child before marriage.

“She couldn't handle the embarrassment so she just stopped going to church,” one tweep said.

“I personally refused to take the stand cause I don't worship people but God.

“Yes, I sinned and I asked for forgiveness.

“Why should I continue lowering my self-esteem by standing in front of the whole congregation?

“Your friend did right.

“Can you imagine all eyes staring at you?” said another tweep in response.

The debate seemed to spark more conversation as they went along. Here is what people had to say:

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