While some may choose meditation, white noise or a warm tea to aid in their sleep each night, one expert has offered a unique alternative.

Dr Michele Lastella, an Australian sleep researcher at the Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science at CQ University, says one of the secrets to better sleep is sex. Dr Lastella said that while getting intimate is key to a better rest, the benefits are increased if people have sex with their partner and orgasm.

'From our preliminary data it appears that over 60 per cent of people indicate that their sleep improves after sex that is with a partner and involves an orgasm,' he said.

Not only this, but better sleep can, in turn, also boost your sex life. Studies have also found that a good quality sleep can increase sexual desire, especially in women, by up to 14 per cent the following day.

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'One thing is for sure, it certainly can’t hurt,' Dr Lastella concluded.

This research comes after the Australian Sleep Health Foundation found that many Australian men and women are struggling when it comes to falling asleep each night.

In a survey of 1,500 Australians, 16 per cent said they 'didn't get adequate or satisfactory sleep every night' while 24 per cent said they 'suffered from fatigue and exhaustion at least several days a week.'

Not only this, but 20 per cent said they struggled to fall asleep, 35 per cent wake up feeling unrefreshed and 19 per cent said sleepiness interferes with their daily activities.

So what are some other ways you can improve your quality of sleep?

The SHF recommends simply cutting down on caffeine, avoiding alcohol for at least four hours before bed time and stopping smoking as the nicotine makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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What you eat also impacts your quality of sleep, with the foundation recommending people allow two to three hours between having their last meal and going to bed.

But if you go to sleep hungry, it will also disrupt your sleep. 'If you have a long time between dinner and bed, you may find that eating a small, light snack (e.g. a piece of fruit) or having a milk drink prior to going to bed helps you to sleep better,' they advise.