‘Get a motel room or sh*g in the basement’ - man confronts neighbours about noisy sex

Man wants his neighbours to go to a motel. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

Man wants his neighbours to go to a motel. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

Published Jul 11, 2023


What people do behind closed doors is entirely their business.

Especially when it comes to their sexual activities.

But what happens when your bedroom antics start to impact others? Like your neighbours for instance.

While I’m sure this raunchy couple did not purposefully go out of their way to disturb their neighbour, they certainly did.

The neighbour, a Reddit user, took to the app to complain about his noisy neighbours and to share why he confronted them.

The 43-year-old man who has six children - four daughters and two sons - wrote that his house is connected to the neighbour’s and that their bedroom is on the same wall as his kids’ rooms.

“Our new neighbours moved in about four months ago. Not to share too much information, but I swear they're always doing something. I'm not one to be confrontational so I tried to just ignore it, I can sleep through the night fine,” he wrote.

“But a few days ago my five-year-old daughter came into my room at 2am crying, saying she thinks the neighbours are fighting each other and that they were screaming.

“Of course, l was concerned and told my daughter to stay in my room. I went into hers and low and behold they were screaming. But not from fighting.

“At this point, I was irritated, if they want to do it every day that’s their choice but if they're waking my children up at 2am, I think I have the right to say something,” wrote the unhappy father.

The following day he went to the neighbours and told the husband that “if he’s that h*rny, he can get a motel room or sh*g in the basement.”

“He got mad, and embarrassed. He told me it was none of my business what they did in bed and then slammed the door in my face,” he wrote.

“I feel like I may have been in the wrong but they're also doing it, six feet away from six sleeping children with only a thin wall in between.”

“Am I the a**hole for confronting my neighbour?” he asked Reddit users.

“YTA. They got a room, and they pay for it, just like you do. They fill their house with noisy sex, and you filled yours with the result of noisy sex. I’d have slammed the door in your face, too,” commented on person.

“YTA. This situation sucks but you have no right to go over there and ask them to stop, that's completely inappropriate. This is just one of the problems living in close proximately to other people, and unless you are willing to move to a more secluded area, is something you will just have to deal with,” responded another.