Women from the United States and Australia are known to be boundary pushers in the bedroom. Picture: Supplied

Last minute requests from women in the throes of passion are common, but vary wildly from country to country according to a recent study. 

Whether they are delay tactics or devious demands, the Top 10 Last Minute Bedroom Requests have been revealed.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to have an extramarital affair – asked 12 104 active male members from 21 countries what the most popular last requests are of women they are taking to bed.

Norwegian and Danish ladies are no strangers to bedding down with strangers – but are responsible when they have a random romp. Men from Norway and Denmark say in the last moments, Sccandinavian women are most likely to whisper their request for their lover toput on a condom.

Women from the United States and Australia are known to be boundary pushers in the bedroom, and it’s reasonable that their last request of their lovers is that he takes a shower before she indulges him. As she’s probably tempted him with the thought that she’ll be going places he has never dreamed of, he’ll be quick to bubble up.

A little Dutch courage goes a long way with women from the Netherlands fully embracing the expression literally, and South African ladies joining them for a last drink. Men from the Netherlands and South Africa say the women they take to bed usually ask for one more sip of wine or a shot of something stronger to give them that last blast of confidence.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, gave some words of advice to would-be lovers: “If you managed to get her this far, you should indulge any last-minute wishes your lover has in order to get her over the finish line. Delaying any request from a half-naked woman in your bed is a bad idea – it’s the make-or-break moment for her, and she’ll have no problem getting up and leaving.

“Be prepared for more than one ‘last’ request, but fill them as soon as she asks to avoid losing the momentum and passion. To put a twist on the old expression: nice guys finish,” Vedal said.

This survey was conducted in 21 countries: Sweden, Australia, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Norway, Poland, France, Italy, Hungary, United States, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and South Africa.