Rio Dancer performs at the Gallagher Convention centre during a previous Sexpo.
I wish you could see what my storerooms look like at the moment. There are packets, lubes, toys, books, tents, promotional material and boxes everywhere. This is usual in preparation for Sexpo that is starting on next week Wednesday. I know I spoke about it last week but with all that is going on I feel a bit obsessed!

The workshop schedules have come out and while they are subject to change they are at the core of sexuality and sex.

The World of Cam Models Q&A with Anna Bell Peaks

Anal Sex 101 - Sharon Gordon - Lola Montez

Q&A with Jessa Rhodes - Adult Film Star

The Mystery of The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation - Jonti Searll

Top 10 Sex Tips - Sharon Gordon - Lola Montez

The Ultimate Blow-Job - Jonti Searll

Play Together - Sharon Gordon - Lola Montez

The Art of F***ing - Jonti Searll

And that is just Wednesday’s line-up!

The scheduling and additional topics are being presented on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the workshops will only start after 2.30pm but will continue until closing. On Saturday they start earlier at 11am until closing. I’m hoping to still have a voice by then!

From what I understand the workshops will be easier to hear this time round with the use of Bluetooth-enabled mikes and earphones cutting out peripheral noise.

Imagine being able to ask a real live porn star questions about her business. I was wondering what I would ask her and I have to say that with everything I want to know I could probably keep her busy for a day! One of the things I would like to know is how she separates her private life from her personal life? I just sell sex toys and talk about sex and relationships and I am treated as a pariah in many circles. Can you imagine what would have happened had I ever taken my clothes off. Fortunately at my age taking my clothes off is no longer an option, I’m like a salad - better dressed than not!

I asked my partner what he would like to ask a porn star. His first reaction was “How can I get you to my hotel room?” I growled and he laughed! On a serious note he thought it would be interesting to know about the production process. How long does it take to film a movie? How does she prepare herself for the scene? How do the men prepare themselves? Are fluffers a real thing? And how much do they get paid for “the money shot”?

All questions I am sure I will get the opportunity to ask.

My biggest stress is what I am going to do on my stand. How am I going to decorate it, stock it and control it. I know my purple tent will make an appearance as will my delicious value-for-money lucky packets but will it be enough?

How much stock should I be taking with me? Too little and I shoot myself in the foot. Too much and I’ll mess with my cash flow for the year and potentially sit with enough sex toys to supply China!

We know how many people come through the doors but will they arrive again this year? How will the economy affect the spend and how do I maximise my slice of the pie? I think my stomach ulcer is about to bleed!

After Sexpo, many who have attended will think that this is the easiest and most lucrative business in the world and there will be a flood of new enquiries and new sites popping up and by next Sexpo they will mostly be gone. But as one of my ex-husbands said, “Stop complaining, it’s your job and everyone doesn’t like their job all of the time!”

I hope you’ll be brave enough to put on your big boy or girl shirt and join us. It is a retail show so you can shop and I encourage you to do. Spread the love and stimulate the economy!

Follow me on Twitter @SaSexpert for live broadcasts on what’s happening and where I’ll be if you want to come and say hello.

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