According to The Sun, the two middle-aged tourists were spotted on Pattaya beach around 1am on December 28. Picture: Liaorakwong Dicharoen, Pixabay

There's something about going on holiday. For some it's about relaxation, while for others it's about losing all inhibitions. But one couple took things too far when they were caught having sex on a Thai beach.

The unnamed tourists got hot and heavy in full view of onlookers - and the whole incident was filmed. The video has now been handed to Thai police.

According to The Sun, the two middle-aged tourists were spotted on Pattaya beach around 1am on December 28. The popular Thai destination is known for its parties where sex-fuelled tourists flock to. But now it seems locals have had enough of Pattaya's tainted image.

Furious locals recorded the incident as passers-by strolled along the beach with a clear view of the couple who were naked from the top down.

Apparently, the footage shows the man laying on top of the woman as they romp in the sand for more than two minutes.

The woman filming can be heard saying: “How can they do this in public, how can they not feel embarrassed?"

She added: "It's so weird they do this in public. They're foreigners, not Thai. There are kids watching them, it's unbelievable."

Police were then called to the scene to investigate. They said they were aware of the video but were unable to find the couple. 

Captain Nakhonrat Nontseelard said: "This was not appropriate for a family holiday resort. The punishment would be lewd behaviour and they would be fined but we cannot charge them until we know who they are."