The study found that 40 percent of men would turn down bedroom action to watch the football.

Cape Town - Forty percent of men would rather be watching football than having sex.

Watching the football is the most common excuse to avoid getting intimate, reveals a survey, which also found 27 percent of men thought about soccer during sex.

The British survey was commissioned by condom brand Durex as part of a campaign to highlight how football affects couples’ sex lives. The #DontFakeIt campaign found that while most people opt for honesty, many are still likely to fake illness to avoid having sex.

Watching football tops the list of most common excuses. A bad back, being too tired, a headache and “I’ve been working late” fill out the rest of the top five spots. The next favourite excuses are having work to do, being too drunk, wanting to have sex later instead, not feeling well, or complaining about having to get up early.

The study found that 40 percent of men would turn down bedroom action to watch the football, while 42 percent would try to “get it over with quickly” to get back to watching the game.

But 37 percent would quickly ditch the excuses and take their partner up on the offer of sex – as long as they could switch the television on and keep track of the game at the same time.

Durex’s Bevan Lewis said:

“Considering that 82 percent of South Africans believe that sex is beneficial to their health and wellbeing, we encourage couples to turn the attention back to building intimacy and a satisfying sex life once the game is over.”


The survey also measured opinions on faking injury on the football field, with 70 percent of respondents saying that diving ruins the game. One in three said it was worse to fake it on the field that in the bedroom.

A press release from Durex said: “Durex believes nothing should get in the way of great sex, not even the beautiful game. Sex and soccer should be a fake-free zone.”

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