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Here's how to make sure your man has the time of his life between the sheets. 

Valentine’s Day is the one day where couples get to whisper sweet nothings without it sounding cliche or over the top. It’s also the day that guarantees mind blowing sex, or at least that’s what the marketing gurus expect us to believe.

But if you’re good at taking direction and have data to burn, at least you can make sure your man has the time of his life between the sheets.

Here’s how…

Send him a selfie

Butter him up by sending him pics throughout the day. Give him a taste of what to expect when he gets home. But don’t forget to give him just a little peek, and leave the rest up to his imagination.

Tease him

Foreplay should never be underrated. It’s what puts you and him in the mood. Start things off by touching him sensually and kissing him slowly. What will really turn him on is a playful striptease or lap dance.

Foreplay tips:

Lap dance:

Read my lips

Oral sex is probably the most important act of intimacy to your man. If he says it isn’t, he’s lying! Sexpert Tracey Cox gives advice on how to give him great fellatio.