About 41 percent of men had experienced PCD in their lifetime. Picture: Flickr.com

Some call it it the post-coital glow. Others just turn around and fall asleep.

But now a study has been done on the afterglow of sex - and there is a bad side to it. A feeling of sadness can immediately follow an orgasm, and experts even have a phrase for it - post-coital dysphoria (PCD).

In previous studies, scientists only studied the condition in women, but experts behind a recent Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy paper have taken to concentrating on men.

PCD is defined as a type of “dysphoria” because the negative feelings are incompatible with the “positive emotional experience” usually associated with consensual sex.

Study authors, led by psychology professor Robert D. Schweitzer, Ph.D. of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, studied data on the sex lives of 1 208 men and found that they experience PCD as well.

The findings were first reported on www.inverse.com.

This is what their research found: 41 percent had experienced PCD in their lifetime, 20 percent had done so in the past four weeks, and three to four percent experienced it regularly.