yes, you can fall pregnant from having sex in the shower. Picture: Pixabay

The guys at Mashable have been getting some really weird questions sex lately. 

And while they are all about educating people about simple things like "you can't get pregnant if...", they decided to consult the experts to debunk some of the myths surrounding sex.

For example, floating semen in a pool or hot tub cannot get you pregnant. And, yes, having sex while menstruating can still lead to pregnancy.

Are condoms the most effective use of birth control? Yes! According to Planned Pregnancy, they are 98 percent effective and the only method of birth control that protects against most STIs.

Many experts suggest beginning sex education early - even as early as preschool. They believe that teaching children about communication and boundaries at a young age will only count in their favour.

Other myths just aren't true include 'can you get herpes from a toilet seat?' Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is spread by direct skin to skin contact. So unless you and another person are sharing a toilet seat at the same time, the toilet is not likely the source of the infection, according to