One in ten women (10%) says a fake climax is an effective way of ending the sexual encounter. Picture: Pexels

A recent study has revealed more than half of women continue to fake orgasms, and an even higher proportion does it to please their partners.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to have an affair – asked 5 708 of its female members whether their oohs and aahs in the bedroom were genuine, and if they were faking orgasm: Why?

More than 50% (51%) of women admitted to putting on a performance in the bedroom when it came to climaxing, and the majority (73%) said this is most likely to occur when they are in bed with their partner. Just 16% fake orgasm with their lovers and an unfortunate 11% say they fake orgasm every time they have sex.

Faking orgasm is a selfless act

Faking orgasm is a selfless act: the main reason 62% of women around the world are faking their own pleasure is to please their partner. One in ten women (10%) says a fake climax is an effective way of ending the sexual encounter, and 9% say they experience a mini-orgasm while pretending. 8% of women say it increases the duration of sex by arousing the partner, 3% say it improves the sexual experience and 2% say it feels good physically.

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While a quarter of the female participants in the study say they don’t enjoy pretend pleasure, 68% say they sometimes enjoy performing a fake orgasm for their mattress mate.

Head of PR at Victoria Milan, Anne Walther, said equality should extend all the way to the bedroom, with women enjoying as many orgasms as men, and that having an affair may be an easier path to achieving pleasure.

“It is time the women's fight for equal rights also moves between the sheets, where currently, the majority of well-meaning women still choose on their own initiative to put their partner's needs before their own,” Walther said.

“Our study found that more then half of women fake orgasm to please their partner, however this figure drops drastically when women choose to have an affair. The problem may not necessarily lie with the woman, but with who she chooses to take to bed,” she concluded.