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Buzzfeed journalist Merle O'Neal had a dirty little secret - she struggled to get up in the morning. After exhausting all traditional ways of waking up on time for work, she went in search of a somewhat unconventional way.

Introducing Little Roosters Wake Sexy. It's an alarm clock that is worn in your underwear, going just directly under your vagina.

The Buzfeed video shows O'Neal testing the little gadget out for a week or so. When unwrapping the box, O'Neal says "I thought it was going to go inside my vagina. Kinda hard to say; I'm a little disappointed."

Little Rooster's vibrations start 5 minutes before the alarm time. The power slowly increases, but users can choose the maximum power.

Resembling something that looks like a spatula, her first attempt at using Little Rooster doesn't work out as planned. But after receiving the latest model, O'Neal is pretty impressed.

Retailing for $104 (about R1 500), Little Rooster Wake Sexy has so far received rave reviews, and even got a mention on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The good news is that they ship to SA!

Visit their website here