File photo: For just $90 (about R1 300) an hour, customers can spend a whole hour with these life-like robots. Picture:

The picturesque city of Lucerne in Switzerland can now add another accolade to its list of must-sees. Arsenal 51 is a one-of-a-kind type of brothel - instead of human prostitutes, it panders to the whim of sexual fetishes with just robot sex workers.

For just $90 (about R1 300), customers can spend a whole hour with these life-like robots, RT News reported. According to the news outlet, the robots cost a fraction of the price for the real thing, and are proving quite popular with the brothel's clientele.

If you're not ready to go all in, there's an option to familiarise yourself with the likes of Zoe and Mimi for half an hour, costing about R900. And if you're an equal opportunist, there's an option for that as well.

Arsenal 51 also reassures its customers that "all our girls take a shower before they go to your room."

Lucerne is not the first city to take the sex robot route. Lumidolls opened its first controversial sex outlet in Barcelona in 2018, near the city's popular tourist spots.

A spokesperson for Lumidolls told the Daily Star Online of its ambitious plan to set up "franchises in other countries".

This expansion could see sex robot brothels opening their doors to punters in capital cities across the world.

A Lumidolls spokesperson said: "We are still negotiating with interested investors, but we have not yet closed any deals."

The agency's website says that customers will "hardly distinguish" between the dolls and real women.

Well, we find that very hard to believe...