Know what turns him on, and play it out. Picture: Max Pixel

Is your man in the grip of the FIFA World Cup? So much so that the telly has taken up all his attention?

Sexpert Jenni Holdsworth has a few tips on how to play to win when it comes to seduction techniques to rival even the fancy footwork of Neymar.

Create his fantasy

Know what turns him on, and play it out. Whether it’s dressing up as a Frenchmaid, or walking into the room stark naked. You will definitely get his attention!


Touch him

Start with gentle caresses that will probably barely be noticed, but slowly work your way to areas that you know will turn him on. Start sucking gently on a finger or give him a kiss on the neck.


Start talking dirty

Make sure the sound is low enough so he can hear you. Sit down next to him and start telling him exactly what you’re going to do to him if he turns the television off.


Take your panties off in front of him

This can be done before you sit down and gently start touching him. Make sure he sees you taking them off.


If that doesn’t get his attention, then I’m afraid you need a new man!

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