Picture: Website screenshot

Online porn channel YouPorn have teamed up with Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells from KnowTheZodiac to give its clients a somewhat unusual take on their zodiac sign.

YourSexZodiac.com is a monthly sex horoscope which predicts whether you should be out hunting for a fling or stay indoors.

According to the press release, the site will let users "find out who they are compatible with, what their sign says about their sex tastes, what their sexual interests mean based on their horoscope and much more."

"We wanted to offer our users a new mode of exploring themselves, while also presenting them with information that could positively impact their lives by understanding what their desires mean, and who they might be compatible with," said Charlie Hughes, vice president of YouPorn.

So, how does it work? Users will be able to surf by the site for their horoscopes or can sign up to receive monthly email updates, according to mashable.com