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Sex with a micro-penis can be just as stimulating as sex with a larger penis - if not more, sex therapists insist. 

While the average erect penis in America is 14,1cm for a fraction of men (0.6 percent of the global population) theirs reaches a maximum of 7.62cm. 

A number of men affected by the condition have shared their woes online, saying they were ashamed that their partners felt nothing. 

But sex therapists insist they cannot see why there is so much stigma since some of the most stimulating parts of sex do not involve penetration.

"It can help you focus on other kinds of stimulation, like clitoral stimulation," New York-based sex and relationship therapist Stephen Snyder, MD, told Daily Mail Online.

Dr Snyder, author of  Love Worth Making, has had counselling sessions men with micro-penises in the past. 

He points to the fact that most women do not achieve an orgasm through penetration alone, and as such, it should not be the primary issue for heterosexual men with a micropenis. 

"Some women like that feeling of being really filled up, but that's not for everyone," he explains. 

"For many women, other kinds of stimulation are far more important.

"Think about it this way: lesbians have been having perfectly fine sex with no penis at all forever."

Indeed, research published by Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington in September found 75 percent of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. 

The team found just 18 percent could climax from vaginal penetration alone.

According to Dr Snyder, men who know penetration is not their strong suit may be driven to become more adept at other kinds of stimulation, that may be far more bracing for their partner.  

Micro-penises are believed to be associated with abnormal genital development in the womb, as well as defects in testosterone production.

Some are treated in childhood with hormone injections, though it is difficult to prescribe such treatment since it is not always clear whether a boy has a micro-penis or has not yet developed.

However, the injections are only effective in childhood, since growth cannot be extended once they have reached adulthood.  

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