Shop online selection of the best quality pet products at the most competitive prices at Pic: Pexels
Shop online selection of the best quality pet products at the most competitive prices at Pic: Pexels

Are you wondering where to buy pet food online?

By Partnered Content Time of article published May 4, 2020

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Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows they have the capacity for the same kind of unconditional love that exists between humans and their children.

The gentle nudge of a wet nose or a lick on the hand when we’re feeling down or the dash to the door to greet us is demonstrative of the strength of the human–canine bond. Studies have also shown that looking a dog in the eyes can boost levels of the hormone oxytocin - aka the "cuddle hormone," in both the owner and the dog.

Cats, although independent by nature, possess a similar capacity for love and nurture. Even a subtle change in our demeanour can be picked up by dogs or cats. Keeping your furry children happy and healthy during lockdown is as important as keeping your kids happy - so we have found an online selection of the best quality pet products at the most competitive prices.


NexGard Chewable Tick and Flea Tablet for Dogs (2 - 4kg)

From the makers of Frontline Plus, comes the first flea and tick killer in a soft beef-flavoured chew that dogs love! NexGard starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes, before they are able to lay eggs, and kill ticks within 24 hours, before the tick is able to transmit any tick borne diseases to your pets. Safe to use in puppies from 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 2 kg.  Loot Price R90

Bob Martin Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Shampoo For Adult Dogs with Sensitive Skin (200ml)

Keep your furry friend clean with this hypoallergenic, pH balanced, non-irritant moisturising shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.

Loot Price R36

Pamper Deep Sea Delight Flavour Dry Cat Food (1.4kg)

Cats are fussy eaters by nature and enjoy a wide range of flavours and textures. A complete and balanced dry meal in delicious flavours that will keep your cat coming back for more. Each crunchy, tasty bowlful of Pamper dry cat food has enticing aromas, appealing shapes and delicious flavours in every bite. For cats aged between 1-7 Years.  Loot price R86

Whimzees Stix Medium Value Bag

Whimzees dog treats with all natural ingredients, are low in fat and taste great. The special shape and vegetable-based texture removes plaque and tartar as they chew.  Loot Price R245

Tiny Friends Farm - Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix (850g)

This tasty treat for guinea pigs encourages natural foraging.  Loot Price R110

Aqua Master Koi Food: Colour Enhancer - Large Pellets (1kg)

Providing the essential ingredients to develop a beautiful koi body, the main ingredients include fish meal, soybean, wheat germ, spirulina, minerals, vitamins A, D3 and E.  Loot Price R178

Marltons Parrot Food (1kg)

This delicious food for parrots contains a variety of high quality and nutritious ingredients to keep your winged friend in the best health.  Loot Price R42

Petley's Chicken with Vegetables and Gravy - Tinned Dog Food (775g pack of 6) 

Recommended by Vets, Petley’s Premium Petfood is made with fresh meat and has no added colours or preservatives - making it a complete meal solution for your pet.  Loot Price R204

Beeno Flatties Meaty Dog Treats - Smoked Bacon Flavour (120g)

Your dogs will love tasty Flatties treats - packed with moreish meat and Omega 6 to keep their tails wagging.  Loot Price R24

VetIQ HealthyBites Breath & Dental Treats for Cats and Kittens (65g)

With parsley seed & clove leaf oil for fresh breath that prevent formation of plaque and reduce tartar build-up, this is a perfect treat for your cat.

Made with duck and less than 2 calories per bite, the resealable package gives you 29 servings.  Loot Price R57

If you need to stock up with pantry essentials, beverages, household cleaning products, pet essentials, all you need for your baby and toddler, the obvious lockdown sanitisers and other basics plus a whole lot more, visit the  Loot Essentials shop today and have your order delivered to you now.

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