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Monday, August 8, 2022

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Beginners guide to being a Flexitarian

Meals such as Fry’s Braai Pie makes being a Flexitarian easy.

Meals such as Fry’s Braai Pie makes being a Flexitarian easy.

Published Dec 9, 2021


I’m sure many of us have thought about going vegetarian at least once in our lives. Sure, it may be a big change especially when you’re not used to going without meat, but what if we told you, you can still become a ‘casual vegetarian’ that enjoys meat and fish from time to time? The answer is simply adopting a flexitarian lifestyle.

*Remember to always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting a new eating plan.

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What is it?

Flexitarian has it all in the name. It’s a combination of the words ‘flexible’ and ‘vegetarian’. A Flexi diet highlights and increases the intake of plant-based food without completely eliminating animal protein or meat. It’s all about introducing new and healthier ways to your diet as opposed to excluding any. Plant-Based food options are wide and varied and include anything that does not contain animal products including legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as plant-based proteins like soy, tofu etc.

Frys chicken-style nuggets with waffles.


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Better for you and for the environment

Research has shown that reducing the amount of meat you eat can reduce your carbon footprint as well as decrease your chances of attracting heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

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The freedom of creating your own recipes just became a thing. Flexitarian meals are interchangeable and allow your inner creativity to come alive.

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Weight loss

Losing weight can be tough! However, following a flexitarian diet allows you to feel fuller much quicker and for longer. People who follow a flexitarian diet are also said to have a lower body mass index and are said to live longer.

No rules or guidelines

Many have joined the flexitarian community because there are no rules or regulations. These diets are for people who like to eat healthier but still enjoy their favourite snacks and treats even if they contain dairy or meat.

A sample flexitarian Diet Menu*

Breakfast: 1 slice of whole-grain bread; 1.5 tbsp. peanut butter (or almond butter); 1 apple or orange.

Lunch: Veggie burger on a whole-wheat bun, topped with 1/4 cup sprouts, 1/4 Haas avocado, and 2 tbsp. barbecue sauce; 1 apple or orange.

Snack: 3 fresh pineapple rings, sprinkled with 2 tsp. candied ginger and 2 tsp. chopped pecans or almonds.

Dinner: Tofu/chicken/lean beef (1/2 cup) with 2 cups mixed veggies, ginger, and garlic stir-fried in 2 tsp. peanut oil and 1/4 cup pineapple juice (use only 100% juice). Serve with 1 cup of brown rice and garnish with cilantro.

Dessert: Mexican Hot Chocolate (1 cup plant-based milk, 1 tbsp. cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. honey, and cinnamon to taste).

All recipes can be found here

Want to try a flexitarian diet?

We’ve got you covered. Collective Kitchen is the world’s first virtual plant-based kitchen. They’ve transformed some of the world's most popular dishes into easy plant-based recipes for home cooks! The recipes swop the meat with some of the best plant-based meat alternatives, including proudly South African brands like Fry’s, making them really meaty and satisfying but still 100% plant-based.

With a variety of plant-based products including burgers, sausages, mince, nuggets and more, Fry’s has pioneered a healthier way of eating protein in South Africa. Why restrict yourself when you can enjoy your favourite meaty flavours and textures in a healthier way. It’s a win-win situation.

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