Jon Meinking won't exactly roll out the barrel, but you'll know more about South African wines after attending his show in Cape Town next month

Jon Meinking will be imparting his wine wisdom at this year’s TOPS at SPAR Wine Show in Cape Town, which runs from July 11-13 at GrandWest Casino. 

Meinking's #SAwineshowcase theatre has free entrance for those wanting to expand their wine horizons and learn more about South African wine.

Meinking will explain to attendees about different wines from wine regions, and vintages. The wines will be presented “blind” so as to allow for unbiasedness towards varietal, region, farm and price as possible.

Much like his radio programme,, Meinking will enlighten the mindset of the wine consumer and hopes they’ll be more open-minded towards other wine varieties and regions.

He believes that while this will not stop people from buying their favourite wine from their favourite farm, it could strengthen existing relationships between farm and buyer as other varietals in their favourite farm’s portfolios are tasted.

Attendees can expect around four white and four red wines. Each session will last for about 30-40 minutes. This is a great opportunity for wine lovers to taste different wines.

“Jon’s theatre sessions are always fun and informative and it's a great way to learn that there is more to life than Sauvignon and Cabernet,” says co-owner Shon Kumar.

“I highly recommend visitors to the show set aside time for Jon’s theatre session. It’s a fun way to learn about wine in an intimate, relaxed and unpretentious environment. You will be introduced to farms off the beaten track and varietals unheard of. It’s a journey of discovery that will leave you well-equipped to impress at your next dinner party,” says Debbie Combrink, chief executive of the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show.

For more info on #SAwineshowcase, call Meinking on 072 803 8943 or email [email protected]

You can also follow the #SAwineshowcase on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): @SAwineshowcase 

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The show is open from 5-9pm for Thursday and Friday and runs from 3-9pm on Saturday.