Explore the next wave of creativity and innovation at Decorex Africa's Future of Design

Decorex Cape Town is on at the CTICC 22 - 25 June 2023.

Decorex Cape Town is on at the CTICC 22 - 25 June 2023.

Published Jun 20, 2023


As technology advances and our understanding of sustainability and social responsibility evolves, design will need to adapt and innovate to meet new challenges.

By exploring the Future of Design at Decorex Cape Town (22-25 June, Cape Town International Convention Centre) and Joburg (3-6 August, Sandton Convention Centre), visitors can gain a better understanding of the role of design in the exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

Decorex Cape Town is set to showcase the Future of Design, with seating partner Wunders, through a captivating blend of physical and digital displays, collaborative workshops, and live demonstrations.

Cape Town is the forerunner to a much bigger theatre and curated exhibition that will be one of the main features of the combined Design Joburg/100% Design Africa Hall at Decorex Joburg. Once the Future of Design has debuted in Cape Town, a fresh lineup of speakers and exhibitors will be curated for the Joburg show.

Over the course of four days, Cape Town attendees who purchase general admission tickets to the show can access a range of free talks by industry experts as well as interactive installations on display alongside the talks theatre.

At the Future of Design Studio, located on the show floor, an impressive lineup of South Africa's top design authorities will engage in talks about some of the most pressing issues currently facing the design industry and reveal the approach they are taking to futureproof their output.

Expect to hear from Georgia Black from Littlegig, Hannerie Visser from Studio H, Greg Truen of SAOTA, Anja Joubert from Superbalist, Kevin Frankental from Lemon, Bathandwa Ngwendu from Maak ’n Plan, Tracy Lee Lynch from Studio Leelynch, architect Robert Silke, Hardy McQueen from Nice Beverage Co, commercial director Steve Tanchel and Kay Kay Ribane from USURPA, and other notable speakers who will share their insights and expertise.

The Future of Design Exhibition sits alongside the Studio and features 10 riveting exhibitors who will cover anything from next-gen talent to rediscovered food sources.

‘The objective of the Future of Design Exhibition is to create networking opportunities and a toolkit for action, as well as explore the wider social, ecological and cultural context in which we operate,’ says Bielle Bellingham, Decorex Africa’s Executive Creative Director.

‘Our curated lineup will cover various topics, including sustainability and circularity, the omniverse and metaverse, bio fabrication, Web 3.0, design activism, transdisciplinary co-creation, and the nuances of African design. By sorting the signal from the noise, we aim to accelerate positive change.’

For more information, ticket sales and downloads, visit Decorex, 100% Design Africa and Design Joburg. In an industry first, you can reduce your carbon emissions with a R5 contribution to carbon projects via CURBON when you purchase your tickets.

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