Give the gift of reconnection with Canon

Published Dec 14, 2023


Did you know that smartphones are the most sought-after festive gift?

In America last year, they were on 50% of wish lists. Sure, they offer games, books, social apps, and even photography capabilities. But they also tend to divert our attention during the festive season—a time meant for togetherness.

We all have someone we wish we could reconnect with – be it a family member, an old high school friend, a neighbour, or a colleague. The festive season often deepens this longing. Instead of increasing screen time and settling for online interactions, why not truly engage with the people who matter most during the holidays?

As festive celebrations draw near, the anticipation of creating new, cherishable memories grows.

Canon encourages people to capture special memories with loved ones this festive season.

This year, consider a unique gift for someone you've lost touch with: a camera. Just a camera. It's more than a gift; it's an invitation to engage, to show interest, and to forge a closer bond. Encourage them to set aside their smartphone and capture those spontaneous, heartfelt moments with a camera.

Bringing loved ones closer with #CanonReConnects

As the leading provider of high quality DSLR and mirrorless cameras, Canon encourages people to capture special memories with loved ones this festive season. Whether it's with cousins, neighbours, or community heroes, Canon encourages you to build genuine connections in person, making everyone in your life feel more connected and captivated.

The best part? You can win your very own Canon camera!

Here’s how:

Capture your festive moments and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #CanonReConnects.

Engage with content from Canon’s handpicked influencers:

Paula Bee

Kierran Allen

Zizi Moloko

Remember to tag your favourite Canon content creator and use the #CanonReConnects hashtag in your posts.

It's more than just a competition; it's an opportunity to give the gift of reconnection and preserve those irreplaceable festive memories.