Put a spring in your step with StyleMode

Published Oct 6, 2022


The season of bloom is upon us, and the fashion world is ready! It's time to pack away your winter wardrobe and dust off those cute summer dresses you've been holding onto for two seasons. Spring represents vibrancy and joy, bringing out the boldest colours and patterns, and we're here for it.

Soothing into it

Trying out a bold colour can be intimidating, so start with something light, minimal, and airy. The satin trend has been around for a while and your favourite local e-commerce brand, StyleMode has the perfect pieces to mix and match your style. Start with trying I Saw It First's elegant Chocolate Satin Midi Skirt and pairing it with a black, Cotton Poplin Corset Style Shirt.

Girl, get into it, yuh

When you slowly adjust to colour and figure your way around styling during this transitional period, you’ll gain the confidence you need to dominate this season.

Experiencing 4 different seasons in a week is something that we, as South Africans have grown accustomed to, yet choosing a fit for work still gives us headaches, as if having to wake up for work isn’t tough enough?

Switch up the narrative and fake it until you make it in Miss Black's cute Pink Plus Size Shirred Detail Tie Crinkle Maxi Dress paired with a hot leopard printed Whisky Mule.

Floral prints and high-energy patterns characterise the Tropadelic style this season. Funk and serotonin come together in this aesthetic.

A simple and comfortable two-piece floaty suit by I Saw It First that is easy to move around in and is perfect for warmer days. The Printed Long Sleeve Oversized Shirt and Printed Floaty Shorts can be worn together or separately and are the perfect outfit for warm days.

For him

Street style has been gaining popularity for a while now, and it seems to be staying around for longer than many fashion critics anticipated.e. An Oversized Hoodie in green and Chemicalx Smile-7 Print Joggers for him are must-haves for the cooler days while we wait for the warmth to arrive.

On the cooler office days, a simple red colour, Deep Scarlett Slim Fit Half Zip Long Sleeve Top paired with printed Double Button Check Trousers, can be worn both to the office and out on the town.

You are the artist, so put any outfit together and create magic - no matter the print, colour, or style.

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