Rugs Original has made ever deeper inroads into its already existing e-commerce space. 
Pic: Supplied by Rugs Original
Rugs Original has made ever deeper inroads into its already existing e-commerce space. Pic: Supplied by Rugs Original

Rugs Original business model –the secret success revealed

By Partnered Content Time of article published Jun 19, 2020

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Continuing with its rich history of growth and adaptation, Rugs Original has always prided itself in adjusting to the ever-changing retail landscape, which has seen significant shifts in the purchasing habits of many customers, and essentially, the way that people are shopping. 

Since the early 2000’s, when the South African market was introduced to the world of online shopping, almost anything and everything became available online. This evolution of the retail environment has been particularly significant in 2020, as the nationwide lockdown took hold, and resulted in a marked move towards growing e-commerce activity, as many consumers were forced to shop online. 

Added to this, as people spend more time at home, their relationship to their interior and exterior spaces has become even more important. Through the setting up of home offices, and many families spending far greater amounts of time together, so every part of the home is being adapted to support these lifestyle shifts. 

More than ever before, the spaces we occupy have become increasingly significant. Homes become repurposed as work-spaces, kid’s rooms become sanctuaries and play-spaces, and every aspect of our interiors and exteriors become a shelter of both productivity and a more permanent fixture of our everyday lived experiences. 

The internet has become the most important source of not only commercial activity, but also personal inspiration. Across a wealth of popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, consumers find comfort and inspiration through online look-books, concept stores and shared experiences. 

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Therefore, the need for businesses to provide a central platform from which consumers can find excitement, ease of access and affordability is currently critical. 

Recognizing the greater prevalence of e-commerce activity, compounded with the heightened demand for adapting to a more lived-in home environment, Rugs Original has made ever deeper inroads into its already existing e-commerce space. 

Beginning the transition period in 2015, the Rugs Original business model fundamentally shifted, to find a balance between traditional retail, and an online solution, that would allow the physical bricks-and-motor spatial requirements to be reduced, and greater customer satisfaction. Marrying the two together, would create a seamless, fully integrated solution for the business, that would provide customers with choices best suited to their preferences.  

The reduction of retail spaces from big-box stores, to concept stores, showcasing a single size curve of every rug across the Rugs Original ranges, allowed customers the ability to visit a more personal retail outlet, yet still be able to see, touch and feel the rug of their choice, order it online, and have it delivered to their door. 

Part and parcel of the fundamental business shift, was the ramping up of the brand’s social media presence, complementing its new online presence and concept store.  Across the Rugs Original social media pages, customers can browse beautifully crafted design concepts which display a myriad of products across a range of settings, creating an inspirational space which is also conveniently and easily accessible from anywhere in the country. 

Rugs Original’s collections have always been available to the consumer and wholesale markets, and the integration of the website took this into account, creating a portal for its B2B customer, opened the Rugs Original collection to interior designers, decorators, corporate buyers and wholesalers at large. 

This dedicated portal allows direct access to the collections, at a range of price points provided on a tiered system, offering a host of discounts to regular purchasers. 

Once buyers have set up an account, the Rugs Original team will contact them directly in order to consult with them regarding their particular design requirements and bring them straight to the products that match their portfolios. 

The company has also established an extensive and convenient supply chain through popular online retailers such as Takealot, OneDayOnly, BidorBuy and Zando.  

In this way, consumers are afforded broad-based access to the company’s products on platforms with which they are familiar, and on which they have established a trusted purchasing history. 

Those consumers who choose to purchase directly though the Rugs Original website are afforded a highly navigable, streamlined and accessible platform that is replete with the full range of products located in convenient sections. 

On a sleek and fast interface, various drop-downs allow consumers to browse everything from New Arrivals to Persian & OrientalOutdoorKids Collection, End of Range, and various specials, while they can also buy vouchers for friends and family. 

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Added to this, Rugs Original does not charge shipping on items which are found to be unsuitable after delivery, and in this case a full refund is given, while the company also does not charge shipping on purchases over R2 500. 

The website also carries direct contact details for customer support, as well as a WhatsApp line dedicated to resolving customer queries quickly and efficiently. 

Furthermore, the website provides a convenient carpet care section, which gives comprehensive advice on how to care for every type of rug, and remedy any number of potential stains or messes. 

In this way, Rugs Original has managed to merge the attentive customer care provided at its brick-and-mortar stores with the convenience of an e-commerce platform, allowing the company to continue its strong tradition of creating long-lasting client relationships. 

As a well-established company which has long worked to merge the need for quality design with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience, Rugs Original has made its online presence a celebration of beauty, inspiration, and broad accessibility. 

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