What’s the deal with a skin peel?

Skin Renewal understands the power of peels, and we’re here to unpack their benefits.

Skin Renewal understands the power of peels, and we’re here to unpack their benefits.

Published Jul 22, 2021


Remember the infamous chemical peel episode from Sex and the City? Samantha just wanted a “light” chemical peel and ended up having to wear a veil to hide her raw and chaffed face.

Anyone who’s ever watched it has probably vowed never to have such a treatment! But peeling – and they come in many forms – do incredible things to the skin. And very often, just a gentle zero-downtime peel means such an instant dose of radiance and skin smoothness, you’ll wonder why you never had one before. Skin Renewal understands the power of peels, and we’re here to unpack their benefits.

There’s a peel for everyone

It’s essential to understand the difference between various peels. Firstly chemical peels that require no downtime mean great, basic maintenance peels. This allows the skin to reap anti-ageing rewards from a combination of acids, and issues like hydration, skin cell turnover, radiance, surface pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles are tackled.

Then comes more intensive peels for more intensive treatment. Medical peels like the yellow peel create a medium depth peel using a combination of beta peel, trichloroacetic acid, and retinoic acid to help remedy skin. The recovery time is a little longer (up to seven days), although you can be back at work or Zoom-ready the very next day.

For deeper skin issues, you may want to consider laser resurfacing. These work on profound concerns and can treat anything from rough, leathery, severe sun-damaged skin to deep acne marks and scars. So if your noticeable lines and wrinkles, as well as other texture bugbears, are troubling you, a laser resurfacing with Pearl Laser may be the answer. This comes with increased downtime (up to two weeks) and back to work within two to three days.

Men’s skin and peeling

A chemical peel is a beneficial treatment for men’s skin concerns. Suffering from acne? It’s reported that acne is, in fact, the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide. Beta Hydroxy Peels are known to help reduce breakouts as well as decongest pores.

This type of chemical peel treatment also means a way of gently resurfacing by lifting off dead skin cells and stimulating cell renewal. If you’re concerned about ageing too, then a series of peels is a chance to lessen the look of soft lines and wrinkles as well as surface pigmentation. And this is a back-to-work procedure with very little recovery time (between one and four days).

Ultimately peels have fast become a skincare solution should you need basic maintenance or help with deeper facial concerns. The medical aesthetic team at Skin Renewal are here to guide you and plan the peel that is ideal for your complexion. As its journey, we’re here to help you through the process. Let’s get started!

Need to know more? Watch this space as we take a more in-depth look at chemical peels and the best treatment options next.

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