Your best curves: Body contouring to get you in shape

There’s a wide range of treatment benefits when you embark on contouring your curves.

There’s a wide range of treatment benefits when you embark on contouring your curves.

Published Nov 11, 2022


Kourtney Kardashian Barker is a woman in love – and not just with Travis. She’s embraced her body as it is, glorious curves and all.

In fact, Kourtney has ditched the notion of perfection and is loving her shape; a little thicker since IVF treatment to help her possibly conceive baby number four. And that’s a beautiful thing. It also proves that only you know your ideal body silhouette.

No two bodies are the same and your goal may be completely different to another woman’s. It’s all about what would you like to work on.

Think about your best shape: is resistant fat creating lumps and bumps you’re always hiding? Or perhaps texture issues like cellulite or even stretchmarks are messing with your curves? Body contouring is about modern innovation thanks to non-invasive aesthetic medicine – and that means a surgery free approach and a happy body at its best.

Decision, decisions: Treatments for a svelte shape

There’s a wide range of treatment benefits when you embark on contouring your curves. And with some therapies, you don’t even need to get into the specifics. Want to zap a few body bugbears like sagging skin, body wrinkles and cellulite? Look at a series of treatments with 4D Body Lift. Yes it’s an investment in time, but if it’s serious rejuvenation you’re after, a combo treatments will help you hit your goals.

Elements like growth factors teamed with radio frequency help renew skin. This can be done with tech like Lavatron, Sapphire or Titania. Feeling like your skin is heading south? Threading is used to lift body skin, giving tell-tale age areas (like knees) new support and structure.

But what about those just want to smooth out some unwanted bumps? Known for its lymphatic drainage (essential to remove toxins and improve circulation), Carboxytherapy really helps break up those toxins and stimulate collagen. And that’s just what you want for getting rid of that orange peel effect.

Contours you crave: Fine tune to tone up

Research shows that exercise alone doesn’t zap cellulite. And very often it’s the orange peel that sits under skin that wrecks the look of the shape you love. So too do other texture issues like loose skin.

And there’s absolutely no need for plastic surgery; tighten it with treatments like Lavatron as well as ENDYMED Contour. This radio frequency therapy works not only on firming skin, but contouring the body and targeting cellulite too.

It means fine tuning specific targeted areas via controlled heat technology. And, all skin types can be safely treated, and bonus, there’s no downtime while you wait for results to kick in.

Another texture issue many women feel they need to hide under long beach cover ups in summer are stretchmarks. And while they may not be playing havoc with your contours, they may be playing havoc with your self-confidence. Ever thought how yours make you feel?

If you’re after a change, treatments like Laser Genesis teamed up with Carboxytherapy and Skin Needling or Dermapen can help lessen their look. And that’s just another way to show off your beautiful body at your very best!

Sometimes in a world of Kardashians, it really pays off to be Kourtney. She knows what she wants after all. Punk rock drummers aside, she loves her body and works hard to keep it healthy. Good for her! Time to invest in yours?

Just know part of body contouring is a treatment journey to find your happy shape. Time to get your curve on!

Want to learn more about how to get your healthiest body yet? Watch this space as we share how to achieve this.