Ray-Ban sunglasses. Picture: Supplied.
The story of Ray-Ban is a tale of reinvention. Since the creation of the Aviator eighty years ago, Ray-Ban has constantly reimagined its iconic products. Pioneering new technology, cutting edge designs. With the Ray-Ban Reinvented campaign, the brand celebrates 80 years of evolution.

A visual story of reinvention

Since launching as the first ever sunglass brand in 1937, Ray-Ban has constantly reimagined its most iconic products. With Ray-Ban Reinvented it is celebrating the evolution of Ray-Ban’s four Icons – Aviator, Wayfarer, Round and Clubmaster – with a visual take on reinvention.

Ray-Ban hexagonal. Picture: Supplied.

A universe that encapsulates each Ray-Ban icon and their re-inventions, digital collages combine illustration and photography to explore the particular history and heritage of each style.

A universe brought to life by Dewey Saunders

The perfect visionary partner to Ray-Ban, artist Dewey Saunders brings to life the world of each frame. Practiced at bringing together culture, history and imagination with his distinctive digital collages.

Philadelphia-based visual, Saunders combines illustration and graphics to create a visual feast. One that draws you deeper into the world of Ray-Ban as each story Unfolds. The high-flying origin story of the Aviator 1937 is told through a dusky blue sky strewn with clouds, turbines and hot air balloons.

Ray-Ban Aviator optic. Picture: Supplied.

Jump forward to Aviator Mirror, and fly higher into space itself. Molten clouds of metal billow next to the space station that inspired those reflective lenses. Meanwhile, the bold Aviator Blaze finds a home in the neon lights and skyscrapers of the big city.

Ray-Ban Round is found among flower power, psychedelic swirls of greens and reds. With tambourines peeking out from the saturated colours, giving a subtle nod to the legendary musicians like John Lennon and Janis Joplin – icons in their own right, forever associated with the shape.

Reinventions born of an icon
One step ahead in style, never sacrificing substance. Committed to re-thinking and re-imagining the products, Ray-Ban icons have had countless reinventions. With endless ideas and opportunities for integrating new technology, leading new trends or revisiting classic styles, every reimagination of an icon is iconic in itself.

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman. Picture: Supplied.

This holiday season, the Aviator – the frame that sent Ray-Ban into the stratosphere – is now available once more in its original design. Released for the 80th anniversary, available online and at Ray-Ban stores only, this reinvention looks to history instead of the future; the minute details of the Aviator 1937 throwback to the first ever Ray Ban frame – and a time of flight and fight.