Anonymous Sitter will start showing on January 15.
Living in a world that is aesthetically fascinating and fashionably moving, fashion storyteller/exhibitionist/art director Nick Pagemat, Johannesburg based photographer Luyanda Zithulele and Durban Photographer/Videographer Be Henabe have collaborated to create a fashion film, Anonymous Sitter.

The world of fashion has painted a vivid glamorous wave on how fashion should be executed and how it should be instilled. The greater obsession with creating a canvas that encompasses a certain group to identify the fashion world as tradition.

Behind the scenes. Picture: Supplied. 

The Anonymous Sitter, a fashion film narrative emphasising the power of individual is a boarder of vast exchange of words that align together to define what exactly is fashion. 

This film is based on an Artwork by visual artist Simphiwe Ndzube,directed by Bonga Mgidlana and  shot in Umthatha, Eastern Cape, the film is about tackling issues such as “Amakrwala”(Xhosa men) in the fashion space and how the Xhosa Culture is expanding to create barriers that result into "cultural appropriation".

”Fashion school was horrible but fashion education was therapeutic.  Anonymous Sitter draws a picture and creates conversations in the creative space.
This film is considered a therapeutic exhibition to emerge from South Africa with creatives from the country uniting to create a masterpiece,”says Nick Pagemat, writer and producer.

Anonymous Sitter made its first debut on December 17. Picture: Supplied. 

Anonymous Sitter its first debut at the Nelson Mandela Museum on December 17 and is set to be exhibited across galleries in Cape Town and Johannesburg from January 15 next year.

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