Colourful handbag.
A woman’s best friend is her handbag, it carries all the essentials she needs. However, for every occasion, there has to be a certain bag. For example, on a cosy dinner date, a clutch bag would do. You really don’t need to carry a lot of things but lipgloss and other essentials that cannot be left behind. 

Cross body: For a girls night out, cross bag is the to go. Not too heavy but it can carry all the things you need and you can even hit the dance floor with it. 

Cross body bag. Picture: Instagram. 

Work bag: For  a career woman who’s always on the move, a work bag is a must have. With this, you carry your laptop and needed files in a very neat and organised way. 

Work bag. Picture: Instagram. 

Structured bag: If you’re sleeping over for one night, a structured bag can work. You can put in your changing clothes in it, just not a toiletry bag though. 

Structured handbags. Picture: Instagram. 

Drawstring: The bag for cool kids. It may look small but it carries more than you can imagine. In most cases, drawstring bags can be converted into backpacks, it depends on the mood on how you want to carry it. 

Drawstring bag. Picture: Instagram. 

To`te bag: For carrying heavy things such as a novel, go for a to’te. Just make sure it’s of a good quality or you might find yourself carrying a bible instead of a handbag. 

To`te bag. Picture: Instagram. 

Athletic bag: An athletic bag is not only use for gym. Say you’re going for a sleepover visit of more than one night, this bag can be your buddy. It's very convenient because  can even put shoes in it, depends on how skilled you are when it comes to packing. 

Athletic bag. Picture: Instagram.