Your hair can be as moody as you are. (Picture: Pexels)

There are days when you wake in the best of moods, feeling refreshed, filled with joy and ready for the day. Then there are days when you don’t even want to get out of bed. 

No matter what you do, you simply can't shake that grumpy mood. Our hair is exactly the same. One day it will be curling perfectly, shiny and frizz free. Other days it’s a disaster zone, you just don’t have the time for your usual hair routine or get caught in the rain.

Here are a few hairstyles to deal with those bad hair days.

Topknot - Not only is this style a hot favourite on the runways but it’s oh so easy to create and is ideal for medium to long hair.

Topknot (Picture: Instagram/deshea.mone)

Buns - Yes the top knot is a bun but there are many other ways to wear a bun. You can wear it tight and low. Or you could wear a looser bun to the side. It all depends on the length of your hair.

Low bun (Picture: Pixel Stock)

Plaits - If you don’t know how to do a basic 3 strand plait, best you learn how. Once you know the basics you can create all kinds of styles using plaits. French, fishtail and dutch plaits are just a few examples. Plaits hide oily and frizzy hair and look neat at the same time.

Plaits (Picture: Pixel Stock)

Headwrap - Technically this isn’t a hairstyle but more of a cover-up. Yet there are ways you can wrap a scarf that allows some of your hair to show. The great thing about a headwrap is that there are so many different ways to wrap your hair. Wraps are perfect for short hair.

Headwrap (Picture: Instagram/blackisnotbeautiful)

Half - If things aren’t too bad you can always do a half do. Leave half of your hair down and create a style with the other half. Either a bun, plait or ponytail.

Half (Picture: Instagram/natural_hair_heaven)