Best friends bracelet. Picture: Supplied.
Pandora will be launching their range of jewelry, sparkling pave, classic icons and bold stacking pieces which will be out on July 20. Here is our  6 favourites you should look out for.

Pave drops earrings
The silver shining earrings with a bright stone

Pave drops earrings. Picture: Supplied.

Red stiletto dangle
Dangling high heeled shoe earring with a silver lining, could work on a red carpet.

Red stiletto dangle. Picture: Supplied.

Celebration time dangle
Champagne bottle earring with a heart stone will obviously do for any celebratory event. 

Celebration time dangle. Picture: Supplied.

Clutch bag dangle
Cute black clutch bag with stones. This might work on a late night dinner or gala party.

Clutch bag dangle. Picture: Supplied.

Entwined bangle and earrings
This combo could be a great gift set. A silver bangle with matching earrings looks so cool.

Entwined bangle and earrings. Picture: Supplied.

Forever friendship bracelet
A promise bracelet for you and your girlfriend. The three balls in the middle are so cool, written ‘BFF’. 

Forever friendship bracelet. Picture: Supplied.