A hard push for lab-grown diamonds

Why lab grown diamonds are a rage among millennials.

Why lab grown diamonds are a rage among millennials.

Published Jul 11, 2022


Contemporary society has held many antiquated notions of beauty, and opened its arms to sustainable trends that have changed peoples' perceptions and laid a non-conformist ideological plank that works on monetary and intellectual levels.

For ages, the beauty industry was mocked for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty and being classist for catering to only the ultra-rich populations.

But this is untrue in the present context.

LG diamonds, or sustainable diamonds, is one such game-changing money-spinner on the Indian markets. It has promoted an eco-friendly policy that was absent before.

The concept of LG diamonds was new in Indian territory in the mid-2000s when most experts wrote it off, saying that it would never be able to stand tall against naturally mined diamonds, which were at the peak of sales in those days.

But, due to drastic climate changes in recent times and the responsive and corrective pro-environment strategies that have been put in motion across industries, the sale of sustainable diamonds have picked up and become a top favourite among female buyers.

As the number of self-sufficient and empowered women in society has grown, so too has their income flow which is being channelled towards luxury indulgences.

Diamonds are one of the most ineffaceable gratifying pleasures of women. They expend their resources on diamonds, but sustainable diamonds seem to be the pick of the bunch in markets today.

They are made in a lab, without releasing greenhouse emissions or pollution-causing agents. It costs less and has the same physical and chemical attributes as natural diamonds.

This makes it popular among elites, and reachable and easily accessible to the middle-class and higher middle-class families.

As the awareness about environment conservation has struck a chord with millions of people, they are also making maximum efforts to assuage greenhouse problems.

Women, in this case, are increasingly opting for LG diamonds for various occasions like engagement and weddings rings.

Sustainable diamonds do not disappoint when it comes to variety. They’re available in nose pins, pendants, bangles, bracelets and necklaces.

Sustainable diamonds are not mere rocks; they represent a robust eco-minded value system that most women see themselves aligned with.

It advocates that splurges should carry a positive undertone that depicts a person's mindset.