26-year-old model Adwoa Aboah. (Picture: Instagram)

The 26-year-old model admitted that the choice to lose her locks was a "nerve racking one" and though she was advised against doing it by her agent, she found the extreme style change liberating.

In an interview with British Vogue, she said: "Shaving my head was pretty nerve-racking once I'd done it. I was a bit nervous to show anyone and was like, what if everyone hates it and then I've already done it? 

"And I hadn't told my agent at the time - actually they told me not to do it but I did it anyway! But it felt really good, it felt like I'd let go of a few things. 

"And also I didn't have the angst of worrying about fitting it and about scraping my hair back and making it look perfect all the time when I should have just let it be what it was."

Adwoa Aboah says shaving her head was liberating. (Picture: Instagram)

The founder of 'Gurls Talk' also revealed that she has an "on/off relationship' with her beauty routine as her skincare regime changes all the time, but she always includes cleansing and face masks. 

She said: "I have an on/off relationship with my skin but I'm pretty militant with it because it changes all the time. Stress, flying, pollution.

"Always a good old wash, a mask maybe twice a week and then serum, every morning and every night.

"I like Barbara Sturm. They do this one where they take your blood and take bits out of it and mix it with a cream.

"My mum, to this day, always makes sure I take off all my make-up before bed. And I do, always."