In your twenties you are more carefree about your skin routine. Picture: Pexels Stock
As a mature woman looking back at your youthful self you see how your skin has changed over the years.

During your teens you might have battled acne while in your twenties you were more carefree about your skincare routine, but as you get older your skin started to show the telltale signs of ageing.

Your skin needs different care as you get older. Starting an age-appropriate beauty routine earlier is your best defence against wrinkles and sagging skin.

Here’s a breakdown of how you should be treating your skin and products to try.

Your 20s: Use a gentle cleanser followed by a light moisturizer that has built in sun protection. At night use a serum especially after those late nights out.

Try: Nuxe Nirvanesque Smoothing Cream

Nuxe Nirvanesque Smoothing Cream.

Your 30s: You will need to use a mild cleanser that gently exfoliates. Introduce an eyecream to your routine. A rich moisturising cream is good for day and night. A high SPF factor cream is always an essential.

Try: Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Cream. Leaves your skin looking brighter, more supple and fuller.

Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Cream.

Your 40s: Look out for non-drying (non-foaming) cleansers. You will need to exfoliate your skin more often now to get rid of flaking skin. Sunscreen remains an essential. An anti-aging serum will help rebuild collagen. 

Try: Sothys Grade 3 Peptide Serum. Restructure, remodel deep wrinkles and help fight against skin slackening.

Sothys Grade 3 Peptide Serum.

Your 50s and older: Your main focus is moisturising! Opt for a cream cleanser. You will continue to benefit from the use of anti-aging serums. Bottomline is that you can’t use TOO much moisturizing products.

Try: RVB SKINLAB diego dalla palma Youth Venom Serum. Its 3D relaxing action helps relax micro skin contractions and reduce the number, volume and depth of even the deepest wrinkles.

RVB SKINLAB Diego Dalla Palma Youth Venom Serum.