AfricaRise adds beauty department to its stores

Masodi will now be available at AfricaRise. Picture: Supplied.

Masodi will now be available at AfricaRise. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jan 26, 2022


South African designer Thula Sindi has launched AfricaRise Beauty in AfricaRise stores and online.

AfricaRise, specialising in high-end African fashion, accessories and art, is adding beauty, natural hair-care and wellness to its selection.

Proudly African brands such as Masodi Organics, Vana Naturals, Mocebon, Wick and Purpul Hair are just some of the 10 specially selected brands that will be part of this exciting addition at AfricaRise.

Thula Sindi. Picture: Supplied

“Adding the beauty department to AfricaRise was always part of the plan. It was delayed by the pandemic, but there are five phases to building what will be the final AfricaRise. The beauty department is the third phase with clothing plus accessories being the first, and fine art and books being the second,” said Sindi.

He said the beauty brands he chose to be part of AfricaRise are those he’s been eyeing for some time.

Although AfricaRise saw some challenges during the pandemic, the support they received from the customers helped sustain it.

“The epidemic has been a major challenge as we lost our all-important African business travellers and tourist consumers.

“We also had a lot to deal with in terms of the changing consumer habits, but we overcame them by creating products and a shopping experience that customers crave. High-quality and authentic African creative design,” explained Sindi.

Beauty lovers can now find face creams, lotions, scented candles, fragrances and hair-care products formulated by African creators at AfricaRise.

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