HBO's teen drama Euphoria, starring Zendaya has started a makeup frenzy within the online beauty community. Picture: Pinterest.
Sacha van Niekerk rounds up 2020's beauty tips to give you a head start.

Blurred lips

Bold, perfectly lined lips filled in with velvety matte lipstick is now a thing of the past. To start off this new decade, we’re celebrating more natural looks with the barely-there berry-stained lip. 

Lip stains are perfect for getting the softness that this look requires, simply dab the pigment in the centre of your lips with a finger, press them together, and then re-apply a second coat before smudging the colour so it blends out naturally. 

The gentle burst of colour is also very low maintenance meaning less touch-ups and worrying about transfers.

Feathered brows

Super full, perfectly manicured Instagram brows have dominated the beauty scene for some time now, but in 2020, bigger isn’t better. "That really filled-in, characterless, same-on-everybody brow is definitely on the way out," said brow artist Kristin Fisher in an interview with Bazaar. 

Embracing the natural, uneven fluffiness of untamed brows, the feathered brow look is also referred to as 'soap brows'. The look is achieved by brushing up eyebrow hair with a spoolie and securing them in place with soap instead of eyebrow gel.

'Euphoria' glam

HBO's teen drama 'Euphoria' has started a makeup frenzy within the online beauty community who have been replication the jewel-studded, galaxy-esque eyeshadow looks seen on the show. 

As more and more celebs and influencers adopt the style at red carpet events and online, we’re sure the looks will be spilling out into the mainstream very soon. 

Sustainable packaging
This is the year for being more environmentally conscious. When choosing makeup, people are opting for brands that offer eco-friendly options rather than those that are heavy on once-off packaging unnecessarily laden with plastic and paper. 

Lush Cosmetics is a brand that has pulled this off perfectly and they’ve grown in popularity because of it.