Bella Hadid. Picture: Instagram.
The 21-year-old beauty is currently one of the world's most  photographed women, but Bella Hadidi has revealed she never paid much  attention to make-up until she became a catwalk star, insisting she  instead spent most of her time focusing her attention on horse riding.  She said: "Before modelling, I was so into my horses I had no idea  about make-up and I didn't even know what contouring was. I didn't  even own a concealer."

These days, Hadid acknowledges she relies on make-up to "enhance" her  natural features.  She also admitted to feeling more self-confident when she's happy with  her appearance.

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The American star told Into The Gloss: "Make-up can make you feel so  much better and make you feel the most beautiful that you can feel -
it's always a one-up for me."

Although Hadid subscribes to the idea that beauty comes from the  inside, she also believes self-confidence to be an attractive  character trait.  She said: "Obviously beauty does come from the inside out but that  confidence also starts with how you feel when you walk out the door."  Meanwhile, Yolanda Hadid revealed earlier this year the role she  played in helping other daughter, 22-year-old Gigi Hadid, to the top
of the modelling industry.

The 54-year-old star - who is a former model herself - said: "Gigi  always wanted to be a model so I groomed her in a playful way, dressed  them up and did little campaigns with them. But I always said, that  you can't model until you're 18.

"Gigi would fight with me over it and tell me that there were loads of  16-year-olds modelling and I would tell her, 'well that's too bad.'  I've been there and I know what goes on. Now she's older, she thanks  me for giving her the opportunity to be a kid - to run around the farm  make-up-free for longer."