Caitlyn Jenner. Picture: Supplied
HE WAS dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete” after taking decathlon gold at the 1976 Olympics.

But the former Bruce Jenner – now Caitlyn Jenner after becoming a transgender woman – says she works harder at her makeup than she ever did at winning gold.

This 2015 image provided by courtesy of E! shows Caitlyn Jenner in the first official promotional trailer Picture: E! via AP

Writing in her new autobio-graphy, serialised in British You magazine, Jenner said: “Applying makeup is always intense and I sometimes think I work harder on it than I did to win the decathlon.”

She also reveals how she stole clothes and make-up from her now ex-wife Kris, and her daughters and stepdaughters, including Kim Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner and his soon to be ex-wife Kris)

Jenner, 67, recalls a speech in Florida: “They know what they want to hear: a life defined by those two days at the Olympic stadium when I broke the world record.

“They don’t know that underneath the dark blue business suit, I am wearing panties, a bra and tights.” 

– Mail on Sunday