Winter can cause your skin to dry out and diminish its natural oils
Seasonal skin conditions can cause havoc with our skin—and as we approach winter, we’re bracing ourselves for the onslaught of winter skincare conditions. 

We chatted with Dr Noori Moti-Joosub, resident Dermatologist at Laserderm, Illovo about 7 common skin conditions that occur during winter and how you can avoid them:

1. Chilblains
What is it?  Also known as perniosis. Itchy, swollen, red bumps usually on fingers,toes, nose  and ears. They can blister and ulcerate. May initially not be painful, but upon ulceration can  be painful.
Prevention: Keep hands warm (wear gloves)
Cure:Topical steroids may be useful for a short period of time. Consult your dermatologist and rheumatologist if complications such as ulceration occur.

2. Pruritus
What is it?  Simply this is itching. This is often due to dry skin in the winter time.
Prevention: Moisturise moisturise moisturise. Use effective moisturisers: on the Highveld  an aqueous cream is not sufficient unless there is glycerine added to it. Menthol in a topical  cream, may also cool down the skin and abate the itch. If this persists please contact your  doctor as itchy skin can be a cause of underlying medical illnesses.

3. Asteatosis
What is this?  Dry skin.
Prevention: Moisturise using an aqueous cream with glycerine. An emulsifying ointment  (readily available at most pharmacies) is very effective either during or straight after bathing.

4. Dehydration
What is this?  Often in winter, due to environmental dryness our facial skin especially loses  a great deal of water. This often presents as tired-looking, tight skin.
Prevention: Hydrating serums are an excellent choice. Use one for your skin type.

5. Rosacea
What is this? A chronic disease of the skin manifesting in stages from erythema to a skin rash and finally to thickening of the skin. Trigger factors include cold, dry weather.
Prevention: Consult your dermatologist: topical, oral and laser treatments are available for  this.

6. Eczema
What is this?  A chronic disease of the skin characterized by itchy vesicles, red bumps and  thickened skin.
Prevention: Moisturise with an ointment (free of perfume). Consult your dermatologist

7. Sun damage
Sun-protection is very important during winter as ultra-violet rays are not visible and on a
cloudy day can still cause harm.