Mascara is one of the products getting the hi-tech treatment. Picture: AP

London - Gym kit, check, trainers, check, make-up – really?

Despite the fact they’re going to sweat it all off in a few minutes, seven out of ten women put make-up on before going to the gym, a poll has found.

They are following the lead of celebrities such as Holly Valance, who have shed weight with intensive exercise programmes – and been photographed with a full face of foundation, lipstick and mascara while doing so.

One in four of those surveyed by Asda admitted to spending longer than 15 minutes getting ready for a gym session.

Mascara was the most popular product, with four out of ten applying it before doing any form of public exercise.

Foundation came second, with just over three in ten choosing to begin their workout with a flawless face, followed by lip gloss, on two out of ten.

Nearly the same number chose to apply fake tan, perhaps the most impractical product of all given the likelihood of it streaking.

But it’s not only the amateurs who opt for a bit of make-up.

Last month the US synchronised swimming team revealed the tricks they will use to look glamorous while competing in the Olympics.

They include putting chapstick under their make-up as a primer, and applying gelatin to their hair to keep their buns in place. - Daily Mail