Supermodel Gigi Hadid. Source: Instagram

Runway model, Gigi Hadid has recently taken to social media application Twitter, to silence all online bullies who are body shaming her from her runway walks for New York Fashion Week.

Hadid (22) released a string of tweets late Sunday night, explaining the reasons behind her body weight fluctuating, and attributing this change to a recent body disorder.

Hadid is known for not releasing too much information regarding her private life (with the exception of her relationship with musician Zayn Malik, and sharing the same career as her sibling models Anwar and Bella Hadid), but decided to set the record straight when she sent her tweets to her fans.  

The runway model continued release her explanation regarding her body’s changes, as well as her reaction to her diagnosis, before requesting her fans and other online users to respect herself as well as other people, and sending out a final message regarding the power of social media.