For silky glowing skin, shea butter should the nut of the African shea tree is good not only for the skin but for the hair, too. It’s a must-have in your beauty range. Picture: Stock.
Beauty lovers, we’re officially in summer,  the season where we go out more and show  off more skin. 

But first you’ll want to make  sure the skin you’re showing off is perfectly  moisturised. To help you glow this summer,  we’ve highlighted four body moisturisers  that will turn your skin to silk.

Everysun Everyday Moisturising Lotion 

One of South Africa’s leading sun  care brands, Everysun recently  launched Everyday Moisturising  Lotion. With two varieties, Aloe  Vera and Cocoa Butter, this lotion  not only keeps skin hydrated for  24 hours, it also protects the skin  from UVA and UVB as it contains  an SPF20 – essential for those who  always forget to apply sunscreen.

Everysun Everyday moisturising lotion. 

Sorbet Nourishing Body Butter

Sorbet Nourishing Body Butter  is good for replenishing the  skin, leaving it silky and soft.  Besides the fact that it keeps skin moisturised for long, it also has a  beautiful scent that allows you to  smell fresh all day without wearing  any perfume.

Sorbet nourishing body butter. 

Body Shop Body Yoghurt

The body shop has a variety of  yoghurts, except that you can’t eat  them, just apply them on the skin.  They come in different flavours with  scents that scream “eat me”. Our  favourite is strawberry, which leaves  your skin feeling like satin.

The Body Shop body yoghurts. 

Clere Pampering Body Creme

Clere recently launched a new range  of body moisturisers, including Clere  pampering body crème with berries  and cream. Specially formulated for  normal to dry skin, it’s enriched  with “NutriMoist”, a combination  of tissue oil, pure glycerine, vitamins  E and A and natural moisturising  factors, leaving skin moisturised for  48 hours.

Clere pampering body creme.