It’s best to keep your nails short. Picture: Pexels/@cottonbro.
It’s best to keep your nails short. Picture: Pexels/@cottonbro.

How to care for your nails this winter

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published May 24, 2021

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Just like the skin and hair, nails get affected in winter. With the constant handwashing and the application of sanitisers, nails may be brittle. That’s why it’s essential to keep your hands moisturised at all times.

Here are tips on how to keep your nails healthy this winter:

Try to wear gloves when doing house chores like washing clothes or doing the dishes.

Use an acetone-free nail polish remover as removers with acetone can cause nails to dry out.

Do not file too deep into the corners of your nails, as this can weaken the nail.

Also, file in one direction slowly, with a gentle nail file, to reduce breakage.

Be gentle with your nails and avoid using them as picking and scraping tools.

Keep nails a little shorter in winter, for less chance of breakage.

Keep your nails polished as this seals in moisture.

Use a nail hardener to help keep nails strong.

Sanitisers are unavoidable right now, so carry some hand cream or cuticle oil in your handbag and apply it after being sprayed with a sanitiser.

Eat healthily, a balanced diet keeps your nails healthy and promotes growth.

Do not wear artificial nails or acrylic all the time, this can make your nail bed weak; it’s okay to stay with your natural nails.

Do not bite your nails, cut them with a nail cutter and gently file them for a better shape.

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